January 3, 2012

♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ Vicky In Washington ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣

Hello!! I hope everyone had a great New Years!! Any New Years resolutions?? Mine is to stress less about going to college and being in gyaru mode more haha. So this last week Vicky was with me in Washington!! She came the day after Christmas. I drove down and picked her up. That Monday we just made nails and relaxed and did my step-sister's makeup!! We turned her into gyaru!!!

Then Tuesday we went to Seattle with my bf and his friend.
(vicky's outfit)

(Musume & Umma)

When we first got to Seattle, I wanted to go to the Uwajimaya cause Vicky has never been to that one. And there was a Daiso Japan right next to it that i've never seen before haha. But all we bought from Uwajimaya was some curry and a Popteen magaizine with Kummiky on the cover!! <3 

(so pretty but really small this time)

Then we went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) and was there for a couple of hours. It was a little boring and was more of a museum then experience stuff but at the basement they had this scary movie exhibit where they had little shows of old scary movies where people explained it and stuff. Then we went shopping in downtown Seattle!!! We went to the huge forever 21 where its just one huge building. Then we went to Lush!! I hadn't been to one in a while and Vicky has never been to one either. We were walking around when we saw this really blonde lady. Vicky told her that she liked her hair and then she told us about this stuff they had where you put it on your hair and it made it lighter. So we ended up buying a pot of it.

(Clothes!!! <3)

(Marilyn from Lush to make hair lighter)

We ended that day with Vicky and I going to eat pho at the South center mall while the guys kind of ditched us to eat somewhere else (losers lol). 
 Then Wednesday my bf came over to my house and we watched scary movies all day. We also tried the Marilyn from Lush on our hair and the outcome=..... nothing!!! Our hair had not changed any color!! We were so disappointed, but we figured we'd try again in a couple days.
Thursday we went to the Puyallup mall that's right next to me. We went to go meet up with someone at the mall and my bf and his friend and had sushi too!! <3 Then Friday was Vicky's last full day so my bf's friend came with us to go have pho. Then I paid to go get me and Vicky's nails done at a salon so now we have acrylic nails on for the first time. (Expensive tooo XO) Then Saturday Vicky left really early on the train to go back to Oregon and spend time with her bf. So sad!!! I was so lonely that day haha. 

This was a really long post but this is how the week went in a nutshell. It was really great having her up here with me!! Omg i start college next week and i'm really nervous!!! We're almost to 100 followers which means a giveaway will be starting once we get 100!!! See you next time <3 <3