December 18, 2011

❅❅❅❅ Winter Haul (Christmas Shopping) ❅❅❅❅

Happy almost merry Christmas everyone!!! We both apologize that we haven't been blogging much lately, but Vicky has been busy with school and I have been kept busy with my job. We'll try to blog more haha. So yesterday I came down to Oregon and Vicky and I decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping and just buy whatever. We ended up with a couple bags full. We also went to downtown Portland and saw the huge Christmas tree that was lit!! So pretty. 

(waiting for the train)

(umma & musume)

(vicky's nails)

(jennifer's nails)

(downtown portland)

(pioneer mall)

(beautiful christmas tree!!)

(shopping bags)

(our matching deer sweatshirts and my white flower shirt from f.21)

(sanrio earrings from fuego)

(my most favorite scent at bath and body works=winter candy apple)

(kumori blanket I bought for my aunt)

(vicky's hello kitty i bought for her)
Good news!!! On the 26th of Dec, Vicky is coming to stay with me in Washington for about five days!! So we're going to have a crazy couple of gyaru days. Have a great winter gals!! <3 <3 <3


  1. You both look really cute ^^

    I love the nails and all the shoppings~ <3

    ~Merry Xmas~

  2. aww thanks soo much!!! merry christmas!! <3

  3. I love your guys' nails! Where did you get the big pieces ?
    And OMG Winter Candy Apple <3 I love that scent too!

    Merry Christmas guys!

  4. the big pieces are just random things we find on jewelry and we take off to put on the nails.
    merry christmas to you too!! <3