January 8, 2012

Old School Gyaru Makeup☆

Do you guys remember back in the days when gyaru's used to be tanned? But now they've all gone away from the self-tanning salons and products so they can achieve a whiter prettier face. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!? In my opinion the tanner the better! I have no problem with the paler skin most of the gyaru is rocking now but seriously, I miss the tanned days. 
Ohhh those days when Tsubasa was still tanned.

So it's my turn!! I decided to do a little old school tanned gyaru look (●゚∀゚● ) hehe truthfully I think I should've used some preferences before even trying the look ;D I know the lighting probably wasn't the best to show my tanness of this look but ah wellssss.

So what's your take on tanned and non-tanned gyarus? Which do you like more??


  1. I love tanned gyaru mostly because I'm naturally tan. So, the skin tone in those pictures above is normal for me. ^^

  2. Wow you're lucky! I gotta wait for the summer to get a good tan ;D

  3. I think both look great acctually! personally I prefer pale, but that's just because I'm a swede, I'm pale as snow anyway and if I tan I look stupid.

  4. You can always do a very light tan ;D but the pale look is in right now so you're lucky!