January 6, 2012


Oh hi, new header!! You like??

Happy 2012!!! Any cool resolutions out there?? Me, not really hah. Winter break was super fun but now it's to go back to school! First day back and I'm already going down hill ;0 I really need to get it back together. CAMWHORING! Yesterday I was cleaning my makeup area and found one of my camera that I didn't use anymore because it had dead batteries and I just never used it because I never had time to go buy batteries for it and plus my I had my other digital camera that comes with it's own charger BUT it always dies whenever I use it. That's why next on our, Jennifer and I, we're gonna save up for the new Nikon camera!! It's so amazing! Such good quality too!!! <3 love love love it. Ok back to my old camera!!! ;D so I found batteries for it around the house and BAM camwhore! I really like the lighting on the camera and the quality even though it's only 5megapixel!!


  1. the quality is pretty good ! :D

  2. Omg I love your hair and the new Header ♥

  3. I love your haircolour(s) ;-)

  4. great blog! i love gyaru style! *_*

    btw do you know what color did you use in your hair (the brown one) oç i love it! thanks anyways! =D