February 20, 2012

Bleach Touch Up

Howdy Howdy guys!! It's that time of the month again where having dark roots with light colored hair is a no no! So this past week I decided to go to my local Sally's store and bought me a packet of that bleaching powder. I still had a bottle of developer from last time that haven't been used up yet, so money saving for me! ;D Let me tell ya, wearing gloves is a must! I had some but as I was about to apply on the bleach I had totally forgotten about them so I did the whole thing with my bare hands ;0 if that does happen to you and you forget to buy gloves then just make sure you rinse your hands every time you apply bleach onto your next section of hair.
B E F O R E :

 [rinse rinse rinse]

A F T E R :
[i forgot to take a picture of my roots but since i had ran out of the mix by the time i was gonna touch up the roots they didn't come out as light, only a light brown color]
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