February 21, 2012

✈ Hauling with Uwajimaya and the mall ✈

Hey everyone!! I was in Oregon this past weekend and Vicky and I went to Uwajimaya!!! And I got a popteen magazine <3. 
(Popteen magazine on right)
I ended up buying new vans because mine were dying, and a varsity jacket for only $20!!!

Then I had to buy a late Valentine gift for my bf so I got him a bunch of food lol and I got him and me a matching cell phone charm! <3

We also went out to get pho with one of our other friends. 
(Vicky's thai tea bubble tea, and my avocado shake)

(In the car  <3 <3)

Just a reminder, Sakura con is coming up and me and Vicky are going!!! It's in Seattle so maybe we'll see some of you??? Bai bai!!! 


  1. I love february's popteen magazine, it's so cute! Lol you should've gotten him all the valentine's stuff that was on sale! You would've saved a bunch xD <3 seattle, wish I could go visit it again but my brother's moving back to texas so I don't have an excuse to go anymore.

    1. i love the popteen magazine for this month too. hopefully you'll get to visit seattle soon :)