March 26, 2012

YouTube Stars!

OMIGAWSH!!! So I would like to say that today was the best day of the year! [so far] oh gosh I got to meet Ryan(Niga)Higa and D-Trix at the mall today!!! XD Oh gosh my heart was racing in excitement waiting for them to show up. Lawdy when I found Ryan Higa I ran to him and gave him ME!! Lol, naa I gave him a hug, oh gawsh I'm such a weirdo ;D oh got pictures with him and his autograph. D-Trix showed up later and damn he so adorable! Got his pictures and autograph too. But yeah they were here for the YTF Concert in Portland, Oregon today, if you don't know about the YTF Concert you can go search it up or just type it in on facebook. Sadly I didn't go to the concert but I did get to spend time with my baby<3 hehe and watched the Hunger Game, it was good but the ending was a little off so hopefully a sequel to it in the future?? :3
 [I found him]
 [B.E.S.T. Crew]
 [He was doing model poses]
 [Got picture with both of them, me and Higa throwing gang signs]
 [Just had to get one more good picture with this guy<3 he's soo cute]
[Hehe here we go!! Sushi and rocking that red stache XD went to the Hunger Games afterwards]


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