April 1, 2012

BIG NEWS!(っ>ω<)っ

Big news is: SAKURA-CON 2012!!! ˋωˊ Mhmm it's this weekend and friday of course. So many things gonna be happening, cosplayers, fashion shows, anime, guest appearances, you name it! It's being held in Seattle this year and it'll be OUR[me and jennifer] first time going to one so we're super uber EXCITED (。Ф∀Ф。) we're gonna be dressed up in gyaru outfits and even wigs?!! So, if you guys go, should comment down below and we might get pictures together. Expect picture blogs after the event. Oh here's the link to the details of the Sakura-con event if you guys are interested in coming or just wanna know about it. Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of bloggings but we'll be back into it, trust me!!!


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