June 30, 2012

Daiso Make-Up Remover Review

So this is the Narakashiwa Charcoal makeup remover. This is a natural make up remover, as read on the front of the bottle. Narakashiwa also has different kinds of charcoal products for around your nose, face mask and a face cleansing foam.

USE: What you do is is rub the product all over your make up after a long day of work or play or whatever. Then you take a paper towel or any sort of towel and just gently remove it off your face. And tadaa all clean!

OPINION: It's super easy to use and cleans everything off the face ;D It leaves a smell but you can barely notice it. Your face feels soft and smooth afterwards!! I usually rinse my face with water afterwards just to feel a bit cleaner but that's just my extra step.

PRICE: 1$$$$$ plus tax of course



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