August 12, 2012

Failed Hair Dying (゚ロ゚;)

Exactly what they title says, FAILED hair dying. I think this is probably my first time doing so bad at re-coloring my hair. But I wouldn't say it was entirely my fault I think its my damaged bleached hair that kinda made it DUN DUN bad. If you guys were in the bathroom with me, oh, such a mess. Dye every where, even on me!! Hahahhahahah. 

 [look at the spots i missed!!!!]

 [look at that used to be bleached side]

And that's my sad story. . .. . . still looks cool, redying it later on!


  1. hi! dont worry about that, haha! thats what we usually experience especially for the beginner like me!

    1. Lol thanks! It's getting better though, so I'm happy