August 21, 2012

♦ ◊ ◦ ◇ ◆ Remembering Blonde Hair ♦ ◊ ◦ ◇ ◆

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone's having a good week so far!!! So I was recently looking through old pictures I had when I still had my blonde hair!!! I miss  it so much right now, that i'm really tempted to dye it again. But I won't because it always kills my hair and i'm left with gross dead hair haha. But it is nice seeing myself when I did have it. Anyways hopefully people are still looking at this blog. Bai bai!!! ♦ ◊ ◦ ◇ ◆

(Look a little like Tsubasa?? ;) jk!!


  1. I Love this hair on you! It's like a mix of blonde and red...

  2. What about trying a wig? (´・_・`)
    At least then you not have to damage your hair!

    1. thats true, but i find a lot of wigs look really cheap, and all the good ones are kind of expensive? but that is a good idea!! didn't even think about that haha XD