November 12, 2012

Palty Review Y。+゚☆゚+。Y

Hiya!! This weekend Jennifer came down to Oregon!! Yattaa! We went to Beaverton for Uwajimaya because we haven't been there for a long time. When we got there we both bought a box of Palty hair dye. I got Palty's Jewel Ash. The cover is so pretty ( -`д´-) 

[the box came with developer and the color thingy, a comb nozzle and a bag that had the conditioner, gloves and insructions]

[this is what it turned into after 15 min or so]

[this is my outcome, a grayish silver tone and a somewhat darker brown hahahahhaah]

Good things: 
  • It's amazingly good!! Smells nice and it gave me a super sweet hair color/tone. 
  • Comb nozzle was good. Helped with the application a little easier. Also made sure your hair wasn't all knotted.

Bad things:
  • The only thing I hate about Palty is that there wasn't enough product for my whole head!! In the instruction it says "only enough for shoulder length hair" but my hair was shoulder length and it barely covered my whole head. I think what it should really say "only enough for bobbed hair" or whatever. 
  • The little packet of conditioner that came with it had like barely anything inside, there was only like a tablespoon of conditioner inside the packet. So I had to use my own conditioner.
  • The comb nozzle held back some dye from coming out.


  1. Wauw i need it, didnt you had to bleach your hair before =\? Do you know where to buy those online?

    Looks great i love it ^^


    1. Thank you and yes my hair has been previously bleached that's why it came out a grayish color. And I think you can buy palty off of eBay or any online store that sell circle lenses usually sells palty.