November 29, 2012

Gyaru-o? Nope

I know it's been like FOREVER!!!! Since the last blog entry hahahahaa, GOMEN! Gonna catch up on missed entries. But anyways, how was your guy's thanksgiving?? Fat I bet. I know mine was. 

Aight! To the gyaru-o thing. It was a boring quiet evening so I went on ahead and did myself a little makeover!! And I decided to turn myself into a dude. I wanted a gyaru-o hair feely type but I failed. So I kinda ended up with a regular good looking japanese dude. I posted a shot of myself on tumblr and someone said I look like Ikemen? or I'm guessing someone from Ikemen. I had no idea what that was so I googled it.

To the picture

HAHAHAH! Thank you, bye bye