December 14, 2012

환영합니다 K-Pop Posters For Sale! 환영합니다

Hello everyone!! This is a total non-gyaru related post. I just wanted to let all of our followers know that I am selling K-pop posters for about 5$. This is for anyone who is a fan of 2NE1, BigBang, 2PM, Kara, and Shinee. These posters are all new soo please buy!! I am trying to re-decorate my room so I'm selling all of my k-pop posters from South Korea that I got when I was there. If you want to buy please go to the website "". If you don't have an account its free to make one or if you have a Facebook you already have an account. If you go to Yardsellr, type in my name : Jennifer Berndt and then you can see all of the posters. Please feel free to message me about anything. Here are some of the posters that are up for sale.






(Another GD one)

I would greatly appreciate you guys if you can buy any poster!! Thank you soo much!! <3 <3 <3 

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  1. unfortunately, but i am not the fan of K-pop. I wish u to find good buyers for this posters. ^_^
    don't forget about my blog