December 7, 2012

↘↘New hairdying!! Palty in Golden Brown!!↙↙

Hellooo followers!!! It has been sooo long since I've blogged. I've been very lazy and kind of busy haha. So this post is to show you me dying my hair with palty in "Golden Brown". It is a hard bleach, so my hair lightened quite a bit. 

This dye worked so well!!! I loved it. Even though my hair was damaged, it was very little. 
My hair before dying with palty

(Inside the box)

(This is the color that it's supposed to be)

(This shows you what your hair should turn out if its black or brown)
(With the dye in my hair for 15 minutes)

(Hair after 30 minutes)

(Dye washed out)

The verdict........ I love it!!!!! Its kind of the color I used to have a while ago, but its not at orange. Its more of a golden brown haha. 

I would highly recommend this hair dye bleach color to anyone who is wanting to have lighter hair. It even comes with hair moisturizer that really helps your hair be less damaged. The dye was about $13 so its not too pricey for a Japanese product. Hope you guys like it!!! Hopefully I'll blog more haha. Oh!!! And we have 100 followers which means I need to put together a giveaway!!!! So that will happen soon too so don't miss it : ).