January 10, 2013

Natural Eyetalk Review ◕‿-。

Finally I can blog!!! Too much Jennifer theses days HAHAH just kidding.
Well here is my review on KOJI's Natural Eyetalk Double Lid Glue, "looks natural, even if you blink,(◡≦) 

I know you've all seen the other Eyetalk (that looks like the one I'm reviewing.

Eyetalk is a double lid glue made by KOJI, the brand responsible for making such good products!! Like Dolly Wink ❤ I bought my Eyetalk from Uwajimaya and the price was, PRICEY, at I think $16-18. So almost the same price as a Dolly Wink eyelash, but a good price since it is imported and all. And it works so well price don't matter! This glue has gotta be the best eyelid glue I've used. The hold of it lasts the whole day, even during cold windy days and rainy ones too. 

Before you start to apply ALWAYS map out where you're gonna want to have the crease made! I only apply glue to my right eyelid because it's a monolid so I don't need to do the left side. And where I apply it is at the deepest part or highest (↓) because I gots me some saggy lid.

TIP: Apply this after you've applied foundation because I tried applying before foundation and the crease didn't hold as strong. There's still a crease but not as noticeable.

[ font and back of the box ]

[ it came with this manual in Japanese! can't understand? well good thing they have pictures ˋ︿ˊ ]

 [ what it looks like; comes with the tong to crease them new crease! ]
[ the wand is a soft brush and it's a white liquid that dries on clear ]

[ top: my natural lid crease, bottom: with the glue ]


▽Lasts ALL day
▽Dries quick
▽Holds eyelid super good
▽Easy clean up


I might repurchase but not for a very long time!!

So, you guys have any favorite double lid glue brand/product??


  1. Eeeks I must say this looks a bit scary!! I have never tried such altho I sad someone doing it in Japan. The result looks good tho (altho your natural eye shape is fine too)
    x, Lara

    1. Aww thank you! It may look scary but everything is scary at first, just gotta try it :3

  2. Eek! I've been looking for new eyelid glue to experiment with :) I think I'll give this a try out. Thank you for the review :D