January 9, 2013

× ○ Eyelash Review: Decolog Dolly WHO's ○ ×

I think I'm really getting the hang of blogging daily for you guys   . So I'm back with an eyelash review. I've had these eyelashes for a while, but I'm finally getting around to review them. I got these from an Uwajimaya in Seattle and they cost $18 + tax. 

(Dolly Series)

Decolog also has other series such as the Rich series and Sweet series. 

(Up Close)

(Back of Packaging)

(Everyday makeup with Dolly whos)

(Close up)

I did notice that these eyelashes are very similar with the older series of Dolly Winks in #1. 


1. You get 5 pairs of eyelashes for $18 while Dolly Winks you only get 2 pair
2. These eyelashes are very soft so they don't irritate your eyes while they're on
3. Super cute packaging
4. Give "dolly" look

1. These eyelashes are very fragile and will break very easily if you try to clean the glue off of them
2. No glue comes with these eyelashes (I always liked that Dolly Wink includes glue with theirs)
3. Eyelashes don't last very long
3. Very light and don't stand out too much

(Very hard to take care of!)

Overall, I don't think I would buy these eyelashes again. They're okay for a one buy kind of thing, but I like it when I can keep re-using my eyelashes. These eyelashes seem like a use once eyelash. If you like these eyelashes then buy the Dolly Wink brand in #1 instead. They're much more worth it. So try these at your own risk. Hopefully you have a better experience with them than I did. Well see you guys later! And thank you to all of our followers for being so patient with our giveaway. I think I might wait to do a giveaway when I go to Japan and have cute stuff   . Thank you to everyone too for commenting, following, and viewing our blog. It means a lot to Vicky and I. Have an awesome day!   


  1. wow, you look always pretty good! o(≧▽≦)o

  2. Dolly wink falsies has always been my favorite, I looove it <3

  3. Wow, thanks for this rev. glad i din buy decolog. Was so tempted the last time i saw it. I'll stick to diamond lashes <3

  4. Great post!
    HAppy new year to you!!~
    Have a great day! :)


  5. You are so cute, nice fake eyelashes and cool blog :))
    Im following you now! Mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  6. The dolly series look beautiful on you. They also make your eyes look very natural and not too dramatic. Too bad the quality aint like dolly wink :(

    1. Thank you. I wish they were like dolly wink :O

  7. One of the best eyelash because it is very natural.
    Anyway, you are soooooo cute.