January 7, 2013

◆◇ Vivi Clothing ◇◆

Hey everyone!! Vicky found this beautiful, and kawaii online clothes store!! Their link is right here: vivi-clothes. This store has many brands too!! Some popular brands that they have that we all know and love is Liz Lisa, Rosebullet, Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Candy Stripper, Rilakkuma, and a lot more! Here's a picture of clothing from each brand I listed above that I would buy at once! (If I had the money haha). Vivi clothes store has a lot of variety of each brand that they have listed. From accessories, to clothing, to shoes even. There's something for every Japanese brand lover     .

Beautiful Liz Lisa Flower Print Summer Dress (Price: $76.79)
Japan Rosebullet jersey plus shorts plus hair accessory set(You get all of this just for $111.04!!)

Japan wakatsuki chinatsu cute WC Japan tee(Price: $54.83)

Japan Candy Stripper cute kitty shirt dress(Price: $76.79)

Cute/Kawaii rilakkuma mug tea cups (Price:$16.92)

Cute/kawaii Rillakuma Bags (Price$32.59)

Vivi clothes store has so much to offer. Even though this is a mostly women's store, they do have a small section for couples, which includes matching jackets, and shirts. Vivi clothes store also has cosplay! They have lolita, harajuku, kimono, gothic, and school girl. So please check this site out! Even though their prices may be pricey, it's worth it. There are many other online stores that charge alot more for their imported clothing. I was even surprised at how much less expensive this store charges. I plan on buying some in the near future. Check it out! It's worth it just to check it out      . See you tomorrow!! 


  1. I know VIVI, I browsed their site a lot and made a giveaway for them :3
    They have great stuff indeed :3 A bit expensive, but those brands are expensive in Japan too (I used to live in Japan, I drooled on many brand stuff but rarely bought ;P)
    x, Lara

    1. ooo your so lucky!! I can't wait till I go to Japan and become poor lol