January 8, 2013

▲▲ Cat Ears & Red Lipstick ▲▲

Heyy everyone! I'm back with a look for you guys. Its kind of difficult for me to find pictures and get my inspiration from. I did find one that was pretty, simple, and kawaii though..

Because I recentlly got some cat headbands, I decided to try it out.
(My ugly black hair is showing :O)

(Closeup on the make up ❤)

This look was simple enough. Simple eye makeup, some red lipstick and styling your hair. I wish I had a bright background to take pictures in front of. But oh well. 

(Better view)

I thought this look was pretty cute even though it was simple. Usually I like the heavier looks but it was  nice to change it up. What do you guys think? Not enough? Too much?  
Have a good day, and see you tomorrow with another look 


  1. I love the cat ears head band, super duper cute!!
    RoRos World

    1. Thank you! You can find them on ebay for a cheap price :)

  2. Hello dear! I've been looking for that cat ear head accessories. Can you tell me where did you buy it? :D

    you look pretty on those photos..:D
    and btw, thanks for visiting my blog~ :D

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is so cute. I got them on ebay. Just look up cat headband :)

  3. Extremely too cute *__* I love the style!!

    Oh by the way, if you haven’t already wanna enter my big give away?
    Check it out here: http://emi-doll.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/161-2013-new-years-big-circle-lens-give.html

    Emi x

    1. Thank you! I think I have entered your giveaway :)