February 19, 2013

☆━━Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel Review━━☆

BROWS! So if you follow this blog from the very beginning and have noticed, I don't ever wear anything or put anything to my brows! But I thought that it was time for a little change in my gyaru makeup so I went out and bought me my first bottle of brow gel. Now I know I can't get my hands on any popular brow tint like dolly wink or something imported from japan so I had to buy what I could search up online and what did came up was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel!!!! I bought it in the color Caramel and it was $21 with no tax over at Ulta, thank goody ( ̄︶ ̄)

Before I bought this, I did swatch the other colors on my hand and the brightest color which was Blonde, I thought it would be too blonde on my brows so I chose the second lightest color, Caramel. But I do kinda regret it and should have just grabbed the blonde one because Caramel applied to my brows was still too dark for my taste.
[ with and without flash ]

This brow gel is really good since it's the only brow gel I've ever tried haha. I did read reviews on the Ulta site that it can become flaky but I've never once experienced that. When you swatch the gel on your hand, it looks shimmery but when you apply it to your brows the shimmer isn't there. It really helps place your brows in the direction you want it, that's a plus if you have longer or crazy direction brows. But yes, this brow gel is good and it fits more naturally on darker colored hair but for blondies trying to get a brown tint you should give this gel a try!

 [ I have brow pencil applied so it's a little darker and chunkier looking ]
ANYWAYS!!! Hoped everyone had a sexy valentine's day last week (n˘v˘•)¬


  1. That one is goood! Your eyebrows look very nice & natural! I like 'em :]

  2. Love your makeup♥!
    I never realized how defining the brows and filling them in makes such a huge difference. I think they bring in the whole makeup together.
    cute blog!


    1. Yeah, I thought that too when I first tried it, such a difference :3 and thank you

  3. This is nice! Need a new brow gel, maybe I'll try this (: And your eyebrows are so natural and thick, so pretty on you <3

    1. Hehe thanks ;D I actually want to make them skinnier but I'm too scared to