February 20, 2013

[SPONSORED] Disney Hurricane 3 Tone Green Review

HIYA! Well here we go again with another sponsored review, this time from the shop Apple of Your Eyes! The blog shop is run by I believe one person and she is very good at  replying back to our emails and she's super nice and she helps make the whole order process very simple and easy.

Lens: Disney Hurricane 3 Tone in Green
Diameter: 16 mm
Water Content: Not Sure
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 1+ year (depends on how good you've kept it)

 [ with flash / sorry it's so dark ]
[ without flash ]

These lens are super comfy and I don't know why but people thought these looked very natural and thought they were my natural eyes ( ・◇・)?Oh wells, thank you hahah. These lens took about 14 working days for me to get them, very fast in my opinion and it came with a card with a coupon code on it, hell yeah!

✖Simple hurricane design makes it look a bit more natural

✖Nice big enlargement but my opinion I think they look like 15 mm on me

✖I like the color but it's not as visible on my eyes unless under light or sun

✖Stays nice and fit and I could barely feel them


If you want your own pair of these lens but in different color go check out the website! Apple of Your Eyes sells a wide variety of circle lenses for you to pick. If you do plan to buy from the site remember to use the code on our side bar to get you an additional moolah off your purchase!! See ya in the next post! 


  1. I already read many reviews about circle lenses but I'm still hesitating about buying my first ones. However, those lenses seem to be pretty good. You've got an adorable blog btw.

    1. Thank you! And it's okay, everyone's scared to buy their first pair because like me you've probably read like bad sides to wearing lenses but once you get over that and wear them, you'll never stop haha

  2. Those lenses suits you well ^^ very pretty :)

  3. pretty lenses ^ O ^

  4. Your blog!! So fancy and cute! ; n ; Have to follow! <3