March 12, 2013

▲ Gyaru Meet-Up ▼

Yay!! I'm keeping up with my blogging, even though today was my first day of beauty school (but that's a different post). This post is about my meet-up with blogger yumicakesbby:

I recently met her almost a month ago. She lives in Washington and we've been hanging out. She's super nice and I love her Gyaru style!!  We've already had a meet-up before (but I didn't have my good camera so I never did a post, but she did one). Sooo anyways I decided to do one this time!!. 

❤ (I look so goofy haha) 

Us and our bf's came with us to Seattle. It was a sunny day (perfect for picture taking). 

(Aww so cute ❤)

(Love my pineapple bubble tea ❤)

We ended up going to Forever 21, American Apparel, Game Works, Uwajimaya, Daiso and Pike Place Market.

(Cute purses! ❤)

We went to Game Works because we heard there was a Purikura booth there.

(This Taiko game is sooo fun!)

Unfortunately the Purikura booth was closed because it needs to be fixed. Apparently they need a part from Japan that US customs won't let come over here. Yumi talked to a worker and they told her if we can get enough people to email the corporate office about this situation, then they would be able to fix it. But if we don't then they will take away the machine!!!! And this is the only purikura machine (Japanese photo booth) in Washington!! So if you guys can (I'm asking you greatly) if you would send an email here. All you have to do is fill your name, email, subject and message. I ask you all to express that you would like this purikura machine to stay. Hopefully by doing this, more purikura booths will open up all around America. (Sorry for this little announcement. I was really disappointed that this machine was closed)

Back to to post!!

Our meet-up was really fun. I'm getting to know Yumi alot more!

Haul that day:

(I wanted the newest Popteen magazine but they were all sold out!!!! But this magazine had a free gift and was only about $5)

(Furry purse that is reversible)

(Cute Daiso stuff)

(My new clothes. Polka dots and Flowers!! ❤)

Thanks for reading you guys!! I really hope the purikura machine stays in Washington. We need a lot of people to help out by emailing. 


  1. everything is just so cute lol :P
    you got tons of pretty things too! ^.^

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

  2. I love your new clothes. Polka dots and flowers are so cute!
    And I hope hat purikura machine will stay! I don't think we even have one in my state!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thank you!! I hope that more will open up if this one stays.

  3. I wish I could go to purikura someday too!! Sadly you couldn't today :(
    I love your new clothes! ^^ and that magazine:)

  4. i see you had nice day ; D love your photos ; D !

  5. Oh really cute photographs.


  6. ~le gasp~ I didn't know there was a gal meetup in Seattle! Is there a possibility you guys are gonna arrange another? I needs me a gal circle lol

  7. Hi I found your blog while searching for a purikura booth in Washington state. Where was the one you found specifically?