March 18, 2013


Hey hey heyyyyy, sorry for the lack of posts from ME lately haha. Just too much going on, too much fun stuff and just too plain lazy(>y<)but I'm here with a sponsored post about some sexy lenses!!!

I got offered a pair of lens from the shop Solution-lens!!!! Go check out the store! They offered different brands like GEO, Vassen and Dueba, the most known/popular brands. They only sell their lenses in plano so I suggest not buying from there if you are a prescribed wearer.

Lens: Vassen Kitty Kawaii Cici Sweet Pink
Diameter: 15 mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 1+ year (depends on how good you've kept it)

 [ with and without lens in ]

 [ without flash and with flash ]

[ without flash and with flash ]

I really like the packaging it came with. It came with a pair of cute earrings and a pink pen! Plus, the little woven basket is soooo cute! I love the way it makes my eye look because it's so vibrant!! The color is so pink and super visible even for brown eyes like me. Every now and then it'll look like I'm wearing brown or even purple lenses, as I've been told by my friends. I think I scared a guy asking for money one time, he just walked away (*≧▽≦)

✖Plain and simple

✖It still looks like 14 mm but the ring helps make it look even bigger

✖I LOVE the color!!

✖Very comfortable and easy to put in


That concludes this sponsored circle lens post!!!! I friggin love the color on these contacts! And yeah, stay tune for more posts and fun stuff? Hahahaa

Oh and have you guys been reading g_s (gyaru secrets) lately? It doesn't seem as entertaining as it was when I first started reading them and what's up with all the drama about this Chaudie chick? Lol, boy did she fawk all ya'll up! XD jk jk jk, oh well, like from what I've read, just take your own advice and stop talking to her, if she's busting your nuts so bad  ಥ I don't know her or is friends with her so I don't know what she did to ya'll but yeah, gaijin gal drama is funny!!



  1. Very nice review (^-^)b The colour is amazing! You look fabulous with them ♥(ノ´∀`) I would love to see them in one of your future outfits 。◕‿◕。

  2. This color is very nice

  3. Oww I love that color :3
    xo, L

    1. This shop is my favorite because of the free pair they give with every order ! Love it !

  4. beautifull color ; DD

  5. ;A; Only funny until she's ruining your laifu.