April 25, 2013

⊹⊹ Cool Blue Lenses Review (SPONSORED) ⊹⊹

I'm back with another lens review that was sponsored by color-vue lens. You can see my first review I did for them right here

Color: Blue
Diameter: 15 mm
3 Month Duration
Power: Plano, -.50 to -8.00

Right away I have to tell you guys that I loove these lenses. These are probably my favorite blue lenses right now!


Color: ✖ (4/5)
It's a shame that these lenses are too bright in natural lighting. I love how blue they look in flash or sunlight because they're such a pretty blue color.

Design: ✖ (4/5)

The design really makes the color stand out. They look a little freaky but actually look better with makeup on.

Enlargement: ♥ (5/5!)
These lenses are 15 mm!! I thought they would look huge but they don't at all so I love them even more now 

Comfort: ♥ (5/5!)
No discomfort at all!!!! No drying or anything so I'm very happy with that.

Overall: ♥ (5/5!)
I love these lenses so much. I received so many compliments when I first wore them. I love how they're not too subtle so people can't tell. 
Recommend to all!!! 

You can buy these lenses here. They also have "Evening Grey", "Sweet Honey", and "Party Green" (Which I actually got too so I'll review those as well).

Please take a look at color-vue lens. They have such a nice variety of lenses 

(。・ω・。) Thanks for Reading!!! (。・ω・。)


  1. They look really good with your haircolor ^^ so cute :D

  2. Okay I LOVE these lenses! They look super cute on you, not freaky at all. A lot of girls can't pull off lenses like this.

  3. You are sooooo prettyyyyy and adorableeeeee <3 ___ <3