April 23, 2013

❄ New Hair Color & Eyelush Green Lens Review (Sponsored) ❄

So before my review, I wanted to show you guys my new hair color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it, but i'm still not used to how dark my hair is  now and it got cut too! :(. But we'll see how long I resist from bleaching it back haha. 



So on today's review which is one of the pairs of lens that the generous colorvue-lens company sent me!

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Powers: Plano, -.50 to -8.00
Replacement: 3 Months

(Pretty Design ♥)


Color: ✖ (3/5)

The color of these lens are kind of dark. Even with flash, its still hard to see the design and color. I would've liked them a lot more if they were brighter.

Comfort: ❤ (5/5)

I had no problem with wearing these lenses all day and no discomfort with putting them in so I'm really happy about this brand.

Design: ❤ (5/5)

Omg I love the design of these lenses!! ❤ They have such a pretty lace design, its just such a shame they weren't brighter so you could see it more.

Enlargement: ❤ (5/)

These lenses are a perfect 14.5 mm diameter lens. They're not too large but not too small for me. I really think this is the perfect size for me. Plus I love the dark outer ring.

Overall: ✖ (4/5)

I really do like thee lenses. Besides the darkness, they're perfect! Go check them out here. They have other colors such as blue, grey, brown, aqua, and etc.

More pics

Let me know what you guys think!! I'd love to know what you guys think about my hair too 


  1. your hair color is so pretty

  2. I love your new hair color! It's different and suits you well! Are you used to it yet? I know when I dye my hair darker, a little part of me dies inside and wants to dye it lighter! Lol.
    What are some of your favorite lenses?

    1. I'm getting close to getting used to it. It's growing on me haha. I love wearing super nudey lenses. so pretty *O*

  3. These are such pretty lenses!!

  4. beautifull lenses color * O *

  5. I agree I want them brighter too like the advertising images!!! Anyway I had a question for u about these lenses. I recently purchased them and within about 10 mins of having them on, altho the ur really comfortable on, I start to feel pain behind my eyes - do u feel anything similar with these lenses?