April 28, 2013

Reviews ミ Miako, Innisfree, Etude House

So I'm gonna do some review for you guys!! First is gonna be a ring I got sponsored by Miako store which I wrote a post about and you can check it out HERE. And a lipstick and a lip tint I got from the giveaway I won from my last post.

Miako store sent me a super cute crown ring with high quality rhinestones. It's so clean and shiny!! Unfortunately it only comes in one size, I think a size 7. You can buy this in either silver or bronze and I got the silver because I like my rings to be bright and reflective. The ring costs $3.50 and Miako offers free shipping so why not buy it!
 [ with and without flash ]
[ side view ]

I rate this item 4/5
✖You can only buy this in one size

I personally like crown type accessories so I love this ring!! I can match it with my crown earrings now and necklace. If only it came in different ring sizes. BUT if you want to buy this ring head on over to Miako! And I think they just stocked new items so go check it out and see if they got anything you like from there. PLUS, they have FREE SHIPPING!

On to the lipstick!

Now this lipstick is from a korean brand called Innisfree. They are animal cruelty free! Benzophenone and Talc free!! Now the lipstick I got is the Innisfree Creamy Lipstick #2 Cocktail Pink. 
[ packaging, front and side view ]

I love the packaging on this lipstick because it's so simple and looks super clean. I like how it shows you what color you're gonna get at the bottom of the lipstick tube and it's actually correct. I've seen a lot of other lipstick that has a picture of what it looks like but does not look like what it shows at all, very misleading.

This lipstick is highly pigmented and moisturizing. You really only need one stroke to get the color. It's super creamy! When I first saw the lipstick I thought it'd be a matte lipstick because it just looked like it was but when I applied it on, SO CREAMY!! Applies on really smoothly.
 [ bare lips ]
 [ applied with only one stroke ]
[ the tint it leaves after wiping the lipstick off ]

I rate this item 5/5
♥Super pigmented
♥Simple but cute packaging

This lipstick does come in different colors, of course, and you can mix and match them to create your own perfect shade.

Last item is from Etude House and it's the Etude House Dear Darling Tint #3 Red Orange. It has vitamin C, moisturizing and of course inedible!
 When I first saw this I thought it would apply on red like how it is shown through the bottle but it doesn't. It's actually applies on orange and it smells like orange too!! If you look into the tube and pull the wand in and out of it it has the feel of jello. Yummy! 
 [ how I applied it ]
 [ I concealed my lips ]
 [ applied gloss for that gradient effect ]

I rate this item 5/5
♥Smells yummy
♥Can definitely play with how much you want to apply

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  1. I'm really glad you like the lip products! The Innisfree one looks great on you~ Great reviews ^^