May 7, 2013

[SPONSORED] Teddy Benders Lilac Wig (◡‿◡❀)

So today I will be reviewing this Lilac wig that was sponsored by Teddy Benders, an online shop at storenvy. If you don't know, storenvy is kinda like ebay or amazon and you creater your own little online store and sell things. Now a little more about Teddy Benders. Teddy Bender, "the on stop kpop shop." If you're into kpop and the korean fashion, Teddy Benders do sell kpop cd's like 4minute, girl's generation and t-ara!!! The shop also sells bb creams and etude makeup and korean fashioned clothing.

Wig time!

The wig that I got was the Lilac Purple Wave Wig!! It sells for $27.99 and shipping depends on where you live. This arrived in just 2 weeks so I was super happy with that! 

And yes, just like how it is in the picture, the wig does come with that braided piece but you can always undo it if you don't like the braid. The wig comes with a wig cap so you don't need to worry about having to go out and buying yourself one.
And here is what the wig looks like on and with flash.
And now some shots without flash. Right here I just have a few pieces of hair in the front.
With all of the hair in the front.
And if you wanted, place it to one side.
And now the back shot.

Love the color and length
Easy to comb through
Feels very light
Really wavy

Can get tangled at times
I'm not sure of how much heat this wig can take
Strands fall out every now and then

I love this wig! I like the way it feels on my head and how light and comfortable it is. Definitely way better than that ebay blonde wig I wore to Sakura-Con. I'm really digging the hair waves and length too! But I really wish there were some information about the material of the wig and if it's high temp or not. So if you want to purchase this wig you click onto Teddy Benders and buy! They also just stocked new wigs too so check those out as well.

Some wig spam. . . . .

See you guys in the next post!



  1. So cute <3 I really love the wig hairstyle and the color is so pretty! The braid thingy is actually cute ^^

  2. So unfortunate about the strands falling out every now and then, the wig itself is really pretty though!

    1. Yeah, just gotta be careful not to pull too hard

  3. This colour suits you very nice! It's really cute (*^▽^*)

  4. the color is cute

  5. aaw i love this wig! reminds me of hyosung from secret =D

  6. I always wantes this wig! I have one similar.
    Thanks for sharing~

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