June 18, 2013

❁❁ Fire Cat Gray Lens Review (Sponsored) ❁❁

Hello hello hello!!!!! Many apologies for not being an active blogger!! I feel so bad because I have soo many things I want to blog about too!! Lately I've really been not in the "blogging" mood so I'm really trying to snap myself out of that ❤. So today I have a sponsored lens review from the amazing cute Pinkicon!! I love their website so much!! It's so adorable ❤. They sent me the pair: Fire Cat Gray. 

(What they sent me)

❤ Lighting 

❤ Rating 

❤ (5/5)
I absolutely love the enlargement on these lenses. They are a 15mm diameter but don't look overly huge. They're perfect and I get so many complements that my eyes are big and dolly looking with them in 

✖ (4/5)
I really like gray contacts, but I kind of wish these were a little bit more brighter. The only way you can really see the pretty gray color is if you're in the light, but overall I like the color.

✖ (4/5)
The design is pretty but a little simple. The design does look a little like "fire" on the outer edges too which makes the name correct haha.

✖ (3/5)
This is the only disappointing part of these lenses. They tend to dry out in only an hour or two so I do have to use eye drops throughout the day. But they don't move around in my eyes so that's good 

✖ (4/5)
These lenses are my regular lenses that I've been wearing daily. I love gray contacts soo much, so these are perfect too. If anyone likes gray contacts, check these out!!

I hope you a liked this review. If you want to buy these lenses at Pinkicon you can click here. Go check out Pinkicon's rest of their website too. They have a bunch of lenses, eyelashes, wigs, and etc. And they're super cute!!! Thank you so much to Pinkicon for sending me lens to review.

I really hope you all have been patient with Vicky and me. I really really hope I can start blogging more for you guys. Please comment if you guys have any requests on anything for us to blog about. Thank you!!! 


  1. I love gray lenses!
    They look so nice but its disappointing that it drys out fast Dx
    Looks great on you though!! <3


  2. They look so pretty :D

  3. Thanks for the review! ^^
    I think those suit your eyes really well :)
    I really like your eyemakeup !

  4. i think these contacts really match you! its very cute. haha, just keep those eyedrops handy! ;)

    xoxo Sarah

  5. Could you please tell me what lashes you're wearing? they look really nice :D