June 5, 2013

×♦ Jewelove Eyelash No. 7 & P-3 Review ♦×

I'm back!!! Today's review are two pair of eyelashes from the brand Jewelove ♡. But first is my quick update!! I apologize for my lack of posts. I have so many things to review and blog about but school is kicking my butt lately. I've also decided to start making videos as well and that is taking me forever to do as well... But I am making my way back to doing daily posts along with Vicky haha, so thank you all for being patient and be on the lookout for videos   ♡. 

On to the review!!! If you watched Vicky and my intro video/haul video, you'll know I bought these eyelashes from Pretty and Cute in Oregon. I bought no. 7 and P-3. I actually have reviewed no.1 which you can see here.

(no. 7)


No.7 Pics


♡ Sturdy Band
♡Soft lashes
♡Comes with 2 pairs
♡ Cute packaging
♡Won't break apart if you are gentle 

♡ A little pricey ($12-$15)
♡The darker/thicker eyelashes give off a little "shine"
♡Glue is a little difficult to take off

P-3 Pics

♡ Dolly effect
♡Sturdy band
♡2 pairs
♡Black and brown eyelashes mixed
♡Won't break off if gentle
♡Cute packaging
♡Soft Band

♡A litte pricey ($12-$15)

Overall Rating for Eyelashes:
I really like these eyelashes. My favorite out of both is P-3 because they remind me of Dolly Winks. I recommend this brand to anyone. They aren't too pricey, and they have a couple of different styles as well. So try them out! I'd love to see if anyone else has tried these. Thanks for reading and see you soon! 



  1. so funny you reviewed P-3 I just got my second pair for free from Pinkyparadise,I was thinking about selling them as they seem a bit lightweight for me but I'm considering keeping them now haha. Lovely review btw <3

  2. I really wanted to try Jewelove. I think I will now :)

  3. i was always curious about jewelove. hahaha i actually bought a couple of them for my friends birthday gift. but never tried them out myself! glad to see that you like them ;)

    xoxo Sarah