July 12, 2014

GEO Xtra Diamond Blue Lens

Here comes another lens review!

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Shipping Time: 2 weeks

Lens: GEO Xtra Diamond Blue
Price: USD$21.90
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year

I have always wanted another pair of these diamond series ones ever since my very first pair of lens(also the same type) dried up and broke on me. And now that I got a new pair, I am in love!! I just love the design. I think it gives such a cute and watery eye/anime like look.
Some flash and no flash photos just to show the vibrancy of the lens' color. And of course if placed on a lighter colored eye the color will definitely show a lot more.
The comfort of these lens is great. Goes in without any sort of problem and stays put without any irritation all day.

And that is it for the review! I will be posting a tutorial up next so continue to follow and read my not so interesting blog!! I will have more amazing stuff to post soon next month because I will be getting some fun stuff to try for you guys.

Hopefully you guys had an amazing J4 weekend because I know I did! Went camping and got to swim and tan and just EAT!! But sad part is the skin peeling after a sun burn and I usually get it  around my nose area. You can't tell but my makeup in this post looks kind of patchy and flaky because of my dried skin. Anyways hope you guys enjoy this summer especially with these high heat coming!! Make sure to wear some sort of spf on your face and especially your  lips!! And no I'm not wearing the face mask just for looks, it's to cover my sun damaged lipsimage so be safe everyone!!


  1. i've the same ^^! are really cute, but i cant wear for long time ç-ç!

    1. Yeah I'm thinking about getting another color of these. And that sad :( always bring eye drops to moisten the lenses