July 20, 2014

Kyary Pamyu Inspired Make Tuttorial

Giveaway Update!!: Circle lens is added to both prizes and just one month from today the winners will be announced

Pon pon wei wei pon! Everyone if not everyone by now should know who Kyary is. I had no idea she would be so popular over here in the USA!?? How I know? Well those friends or people that you know that you know never in a million year would ever listen to some cutesy japanese song from overseas...well they do now. My surprise when those friends on facebook started writting her lyrics and sharing her video on the newsfeed.

But anyways, love her music and her crazy fashion themed outfits! And so here is my tutorial on how to achieve her basic eye makeup shape. If you ever feel like doing a cosplay of her or just putting it into your own makeup look.

I honestly had no idea what to do with my hair for this look but I guess I ended up with some alien looking hair do.
For lashes I chose some thick spiky ones because that's what I used to seeing in her pictures when I first knew about her. But you can always swap them out for natural ones as well since her makeup is becoming a bit more mature.
Some of her decorations being shopped onto my face!
And that's about it! Hope you enjoyed my video tutorial and like and subscribe for more!!


  1. You look so cute xD
    Your eye looks very oriental <3
    Nice blog! All are so cute here :D
    Mind to followback via GFC ? Thank you ^^


  2. you look so cute :3 Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog, i followed u via GFC ;)

    ~ aMz Punky Bunny Blog

  3. so kawaii~ I like her song too, the tune is just catchy :D