November 9, 2015

My little*big furbaby

During my hiatus I myself have gotten myself a little furball!!! Naughty boy that don't listen!
I actually got him off of craigslist, I know, why?! Personally, me saving a dog from craigslist is the same as buying a dog from the humane society or an animal shelter. This dog would have potentially ended up there or euthanize or even bought by someone who will harm him and treat him like poop!

Ok not saying you should buy pets off of craigslist because people are shady and their pets might be dangerous or already disabled in some way and they don't tell you. So always be sure you know what you're doing and what you're gonna get yourself into. Be safe!!

Here's my little puppy!!

I got him at the age of 7 months. He's a lab/Rottweiler. FLOPPY EARS!!
I named him Mickey! Like Mickey Mouse.
He just turned 1 year old this November so that is 15 years in the human world...
Used to be really rebellious, running off for 20-30 minutes!! Which always scared me because there's cars that goes by. But he's gotten a lot better because he knows he'll be caged all day if he does it again hehee

He is a little killer! Destroyed half of my animals, which was ok since I didn't want them as much. But still, murderer!!
But you can't be mad at that faceeeeeee!! 

Mickey looooooves other dogs. When he sees one he wants to dash on over! And being the little butthole that he is, he won't listen when you call him back. EMBARASSING!! I'm glad he isn't a yelping, annoying barking dog that goes off on everything and everyone! Phewww~

So far he only knows sit, shake, and lie down. Getting better at the come here command...

Hopefully he gets a bit more bigger!

See ya in my next post!!!


  1. OMG so cute~! I really want a dog of my own <33

  2. Aww that face ^-^♡♡ you really can't get angry with them! Mickey is super cute *-* ♥I have 4 dogs and they are my life. I really love animals♡
    Hugs to Mickey and you~ ^3^