December 28, 2015


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Not New Years yet but we getting there! And Christmas just came and I'd have to say it was one of the most loving and family get together I've been to. Super hardcore and funny during the present exchange, forgot what it's called. It was an amazing time with my boyfriend's family.

As for presents I got a new camera!! A white Sony a5100 that features wifi connectivity sending pictures straight to your phone or computer, touch screen, just recently figured out it can take panorama pictures and its small and portable! Best gift ever from the boyfriend. Going to definitely be taking more selfies.
Got the new gwen stefani palette from urban decay and leopard scarf from the boyfriend's momma! And I love the palette!!! The shadows are just so pretty and the case itself is beautiful and sturdy! She also got me a little dainty silver necklace, which is pretty cute but I'm so scared to break it.
During the family exchange, which was crazy, I got myself a cabela's gift card, then it got stolen, so I opened another gift and got 4 coffee mugs which was bomb so I can go buy a keurig and make yummy drinks! But sadly it got stolen!!! Last mystery gift I opened was a vhs to dvd thingy which I can't even use because I don't even own any vhs tapes. Luckily my boyfriend's mom bought it from me!! She was the one who bought it for the exchange and really wanted to get it but she forgot what she wrapped it with. I got $25 out of it.

Overall, the boyfriend and I have combined $100 gift cards to the movie! And we just saw Star Wars!! But it was in 3D because early tickets only had 3D showings. Had a bit of brain pain but it was awesome! The very first star wars movie I actually saw all the way through. And yes, I know I should've watched the first few movies first.

And last night my dummy of a dog just decided to go through the trash and eat the molding muffin and a box filled with different types of chocolates!! I wanted to eat those chocolate! Damn dog! I know chocolate is toxic to dogs and can cause some bad problems but he seems alright so far. No symptoms like vomiting or diarhea or seizures but he was hyperactive last while I was trying to nap. He's also been going through my boyfriend's socks and just taking them from the bedroom out into the hallway and living room lol which is pretty funny to me.

Have an amazing rest of the year minna!!


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