December 14, 2015

No pain No gain

Good day mate!

Christmas is coming! The apartment is slightly decorated with string lights and a cute puny tree with a basic string light. I have gotten no presents for anyone yet! I have ideas but man, money sure is a problem this month......

Are any of you those type of people who says they're not going to give anyone presents but when it's like one or two weeks before and you suddenly feel bad because your friends or family has already gotten you something? Oh yeah, that's me! I know that when I was still living at my parent's I would always say "nah, not this year. Ain't nobody gonna get me anything!" Which was always true! And I never did want to get them anything but I guess I just don't want to be a Grinch and not try to celebrate the day. I think half of my thinking is I want to believe that they are getting me something and just playing a good poker face and I'll be surprise to get a present that day... never happens! Then I feel stupid for giving and not getting anything in return. I'm so selfish, but it's ok!

I do all that for my family but when it comes to my friends it's the total opposite! They tell me they got me something and I try to get something for them but it almost never happens. I'm a bad friend.... but they still loves me.

What's been going on??

Got a job and it sucks!! Super hard manual labor! My lower back feels like it's gonna break on me and my hands.... let's just say I'm gonna have future arthiritis. Hella overtime for no reasons! Pshhh. If you're one of those people like me, that complains about not getting enough hours or "it's fine if I get overtime this week. more money. yay!" you should stop! This job, which I won't name until I''ve quit, is exactly what you don't want at all! In just the past 3 days I've already worked over 30 plus hours!! The week isn't even over yet! I didn't even get my Sunday off, which, at this job you will die just to get a day off. Not worth it! But, #brokelife isn't what I want!

Went out to this house that gets decorated with lights and such. I guess they do this every year and people that lives close comes out to see it at night and walk the grounds. They were serving free elephant ears! My first time there because the boyfriend suggested the place. He's been there a few times when he was younger...
I didn't get much pictures of the place but I did take a few videos on my snapchat! @vickahh lol
Will probably try to go to the zoo lights later this month if things aren't too busy.

Giveaway ends tonight! YOLOOOOOO

Thanks for reading!!!! See ya


  1. Omgsh I know your suffering!!! ;u; I also had a job that sucks =.= and I renounced 2 weeks ago so I feel happy now ^-^ try to take medicine for your back :') it will help a little, about presents it also happen to me with my friends hahaha but they never get angry with me haha I love them ♡
    I know is hard in your new job but fighting!!! The reward will be good! ^-^

    1. Thank you!! It's almost over at where I'm working!