October 11, 2012

๑۩ﺴ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vicky and Jennifer ﺴ۩๑

Helloooooooo!!!! This is a very special post today!! First of all, its Vicky's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She turned 19 today!!! Second, it was my birthday on Monday, so happy late birthday to me!!! I turned 20!!!!. And last, this is our 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!!! And we are almost to 100 followers, which means a giveaway soon!!!!!! 
(My present on the left, Vicky's on right)
(I got Vicky some rings, candy, cookies, face masks, and a bunch of random stuff)

(Vicky got me this stuff animal, a collar necklace, lychee fruit, a bracelet, and some knee high socks!)

So this past weekend, me and my boyfriend went down to Oregon to celebrate Vicky and my birthdays. We had sushi on Saturday!!
(All of our plates)
 After sushi, we went to one of our friend's house to celebrate with some of our friends. We watched a scary movie and played a game. Then went driving around at midnight.

(Birthday cake!!!)

(Playing a game)

(All of us)

(At Walmart)

It was such an amazing day to be with everyone!!!!! I can't wait for next year haha. See you guys soon, with my makeup haul!!! Baiiii <3


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