March 21, 2016

Bring on the Samples!

Hi cuties!

Just posted a new video up on my youtube channel! It's a bit longer than my past videos but I basically try on some older korean products. Well, not that old but I try on those little packets of makeup samples that gets thrown at us at checkout. I found a little bag of samples while I was sorting my things in my bedroom. I hope you guys enjoy this video I made. Its a talk through try on with these samples. And hopefully it helps some of you that are interested in korean makeup that I kind of showed you what some of these things are used for and applied on. There isn't that many but please enjoy and like and leave a comment and if you like the content then please subscribe!!

March 15, 2016

Blade and Soul taking over my life

Since the beginning of january I have been sucked in and on this game every single day!! No joke I'm addicted.

The free mmorpg game that I am talking about is Blade and Soul! The recent english version came out uh this year? Heh not sure but Blade and Soul has been around the asian area for a few years now. So the american server is still kind of trying to catch up to the korean servers. Yes, this is a korean mmo so you already know it's gonna have some pretty bad ass art! And it's free!!! But of course like any other mmo out there if you want more options or just better stuff there's the premium plan that you can purchase that will get you only things a premium person can have. Us peasants can't has! Being premium doesn't have that much of a difference to being a regular free to play player, just you get access to some nicer things like outfits.

There are a bunch of super cute clothing!! Can't farm money fast enough....

Best thing about the game is the different character customization options you get. You can make them tall, short, fat, skinny, cute, ugly and just weird, and little details like eye styles, makeup and wrinkles.

The different races in this game are:
  • Jin(m/f) which is the basic human race and classes available for the Jin's are Assassin / Blade Master / Kung Fu Master / Warlock(new class)
  • Gon(m/f) which is the same as human but just a stronger race and classes for Gon's are Destroyer / Kung Fu Master / Force Master
  •  Lyn(m/f) are the cute characters which you can customize with different type of animal ears and tails and classes for Lyn's are Summoner / Force Master / Blade Dancer / Warlock(new)
  • Yun(f) which is strictly a female class has classes of a Force Master / Blade Master / Kung Fu Master
 Best part about picking a Lyn and choosing the Summoner class is that you get a cute furry companion!! You can dress them up and if you don't like the default color that it comes with you get the option later on with enough money you can give them a makeover.

As for my own creation I made a Gon named Kerie(lv45), a Destroyer because they have an axe which looks more like a scythe and that's pretty awesome! Plus the Gon is supposed to be a tank as stated in the race description but really the real tankers are either the Blade Master or Kung Fu Master. Now I would say that I played long enough that my character started growing her hair out!! Hah ok jk I bought the new hair which is really popular in the game.
And of course I wanted my own kitty too so I made a super small Lyn named ChibiChibi Chan(lv23) and my kitty, Endymion! The pink outfit is called Pinky Bear and it is just too cute!! Like every outfit looks cute on a Lyn. The only mod I made to my cat so far is the two colored eyes.
Just a week and a half ago Blade and Soul announced their new class which was the Warlock. The Warlock just basically shoots chains and magic to bind the enemy and they can summon a demon to fight by their side kind of like the cat but the demon only stays summoned for a certain time limit. Unlike the cat which is always by your side unless it dies then that's when you would have to summon it back. And with the Warlock I made a guy character and of course he has to look freaking hot! My Warlock Keredo(lv45).

Any who! Best game I've played so far besides Phantasy Star Ocean 2, which they need to come out with the english version already!!! But yeah if you guy's are into mmorpg then definitely play this game or at least check it out. Super fun.

February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day! + Weekend

For valentine's day my boyfriend took me out to this friggin nice restaurant! That's it .....

We celebrated on friday instead of sunday since he works valentine's day. A week before he was asking me about fondue and if I like it so through out the whole week I was thinking mhmm we going to the Melting Pot which is a fondue, underground looking restaurant in downtown Portland. So leading up to friday I was thinking "hehe I already know where you're secretly taking me!"

Friday comes and we heading out! We reach downtown and I'm already like yeah Melting Pot but then, we ended driving the opposite direction of the place!? I don't know what's going on now!

We have arrived at El Guacho! But before seeing the restaurant I thought okay sounds like some regular mexican restaurant.... and to my surprise it was one of the fancier places. Walking through the doors there's already a guy there waiting to open the door for you! Okay well not really because they were only valet dudes. Still fancy!! The inside was so dark! Now this place is one of them low lit fancy atmosphere restaurant that you see in like romantic movies. And there were bottles and bottles of wine lined up everywhere throughout the place. So lady at the desk gave us the option of the main floor which had tables like super close to each other and like I said dark or the back table where it was a bit lighter and quieter and of course we chose the back. Everyone dressed kind of nicer there and here I was in only like a sweater and jeans!
The restaurant is a three course meal so you get your starter/appetizer, main meal and dessert. There was a complimentary fruit/snack thing platter of an apple, orange and nuts and a slice of nasty blue cheese!!! I've never tried blue cheese before and oh my gawwwwwww it was disgusting! Tasted like cardboard and mold and just nasty! Back to the meal!
For starters we got the Wicked shrimp which is friggin heaven!!! I kid you not! All the shrimp I've had up until now was nothing compared to these shrimp! The meat is so damn thick and meaty and I just didn't want to stop chewing on it. And this plate is a bit spicy but it was so good!!
For main course I got me the febraury chef's special dish thingy and it was the pan mane lobster!! Cost like $50+ but oh my guuuuudnussss I could die happy eating this meal. It had a thing of rice and the lobster was cooked in a miso, lemony sauce if I remember right. The boyfriend got an 18 oz rib eye and we got a shared side of mashed potato lobster!! The mashed potato lobster was so good too!! I've been eating garbage compared to this.
And lastly for dessert I got an order of sorbet. Nothing special here. Good though.

El Guacho is located downtown Portland and it is a bit more on the expensive side.... look forward to spending like $175+ at the place! I also got a moscato. I forgot to say, there is a separate menu filled with pages of the different kind of wines they have.

On saturday I went out to see Deadpool!! Super funny even though there were some references and jokes I didn't quite understand. DEFINITELY not a kids movie!! I repeat not a kids movie and to the parents who brought their kids, you're a fucking piece of shit!! There was sex and boobies like full on nipples and Ryan Reynold's butt cheeks! But still a great action movie and the ending scene after the credit.
See you in the next post!

February 8, 2016

Inspired Japanese "Haafu" Look

I know this topic isn't anything new but I came by some screens of it while on tumblr and it inspired me to make this look. The japanese, half american look! This look is pretty much seen in a lot of Scawaii magazine and a few times back in the old gyaru mag days like vivi. But it's seen in alot of different types of magazines.

This look is supposed to give you the appearance of looking not only japanese or with asian features but also with a mix of a different race like german, american or hispanic, something foreign. But really, you just plain ol' japanese!

Major points in this look are the contact lens!! Make sure they are slightly lighter in color. Something like a 3 or 4 tone circle lens would do but no crazy colors like pink or purple. Stick to only green, brown and blue. Check my last blog post for an example of what kind of lens I'm talking about.

Another point is, lighter hair color! It doesn't only have to be blonde as long as it is not black!
  Makeup is pretty much up to you but the only thing you would definitely need are the lenses and the hair color.

Here is my video on how to get the look! You can watch here or head over to my youtube channel to watch there instead. There's really no difference where you watch it lol. (and yes i edited mah face in the thumbnail heheh)

See you in my next post!!
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January 19, 2016

Bunny 3 Color Gray

I messed up on the name in my last review post so go and check it out because I messed up the name!!

Alright down to the correct lens name!
Wonderfully sent by the amazing KlensPop is the Bunny 3 Color in Gray.

And again this type of lens come with different variation of colors! Which I really love the effect it gives off. Especially when it comes to having brown eyes, the different colors do help make the pupils a bit brighter. Of course, a way cuter, natural looking eye.

Comfort is great! But if you do have drier eyes always bring a moistening lens eye drop. I forgot how much they go for but probably $8 less or more with tax.

Sorry about the lighting!! And totally forgot to take more pictures!!

Design: ★★★★☆
Enlargement: ★★★★☆
Color: ★★★★☆
Comfort: ★★★★☆
 If you would like to get this look head over to my youtube channel! New video is up!!
Hope you enjoy this post and see you in the next!