August 25, 2011

BB Cream (Etude House) Review ♔

When I went to Korea, I bought BB cream from Etude House. They were about 14$ a tube, but it lasts forever!! I'm still on my first tube and I still have a lot left. This BB Cream is used for sheer glowing skin, and covers up well too. Usually to use this BB cream, you have to have a lighter skin tone, because in Korea they have very light skin. Most Korean models have lighter skin because it symbolizes a more pure/beautiful look in Korea. They do make BB cream for darker skin (ex. Missha brand) but most BB cream is only for light skin.  BB cream is very smooth and smells really good too. Its a really light, all over foundation, that you can't feel. Since BB cream is Korea makeup, it is very healthy for your skin. It doesn't clog up pores, and is also an anti-wrinkle and skin whitening cream. 

For our review, we decided to do it on Vicky! Since her skin is naturally dark, the BB cream lightens up her face a lot. But, you can see that her skin tone is more even with the BB cream on. 

        Before                                                     After

We recommend this product because of how easily it goes on the skin, and blends in very nice. The smell is very light, but still smells good. One downside is that the pump to the BB cream does like to shoot out once in a while, but besides that, its a perfect foundation to have. Since BB cream isn't really sold in American stores (maybe in famous makeup stores), you can order it online. It is a little bit more pricier if you aren't paying directly from Korea, but its still worth it to have that flawless looking skin.


  1. The only Korean brand of BB Cream I have ever used is The Skin Shop. So far so good for my skin.

  2. Oh really? I've never heard of skin cream that had BB Cream :o Lol too many brands with BB Cream