August 28, 2011

Hair Transformation (=゚ω゚) ❤

I love how gyaru model's hair is styled. Either its simple curls, to straight hair, to buns, to crazy updo's!

My natural hair is straight, so it does take some time to achieve the gyaru hair look. I did two looks that are very gyaru!! 

Hair Style #1( curled)
My tools:

Curling Iron: Hot Tools 3/4"
Accessory: Big Bow Headband

I like curling my hair, but lately i've been liking my hair straight. Once my hair grows out, i think it would look a lot better.

Hair Style #2 (Piggy Tail Buns)

Straightner: Farenheit 1 1/2" 
Hair Ties

I recently learned how to do my hair in the piggy tail bun look. My hair isn't the longest and its not the shortest either, but it's still cute!! I love doing it and I want to wear it out in public too!!!


  1. You are so Kawaii <3
    I wanna try too ^^ Love your bow and your hairstyle!

  2. aww thank you so much!! good luck!! :)

  3. I really like the short tight curls look I would like to attempt it again before my hair grows out longer

  4. ooo do it!! It's always cute looking <3

  5. So cute, specially the last one! what lenses are those you're using? They're great *.*

  6. thanks!! i'm wearing Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625) from! they have such good circle lenses there :3