May 10, 2012

❀✿❀✿Sakura Con 2012!!!!!!!❀✿❀✿

Hello fellow bloggers!!!!! Its been such a very long time that Vicky and I have blogged and we apologize. We've both been very busy. But anyways I want to blog about Sakura Con in Seattle, Washington. Our tickets cost 55$ but it was worth it!!!

(Dressed up!!!)
It was from April 6-8. We only went on Friday and Saturday. They even had famous Japanese singers. They had Kanon Wakeshima (I <3 her). Moix de mois (with Mana), and Stereo Poney. We also had a lot of people take our pictures. This was our very first con every and I thought I wouldn't like it, but i did, so we plan on going again next year. Here are more pics!! And we promise we'll blog more!! Take care for now <3 <3 <3
(We got a lot of attention outside)

(On bus)

(h.naoto assistant, love her outfit!!)

(More lolita girls)

(<3 Pics)

(Vicky's last day and we're normal)


  1. Very cute shots ♥ I'm glad you like dyour first con! I'm a regular con visitor for 9 years already and I still love it !!
    I've seen Kanon Wakeshima last November, she's really stunning ♥

    1. Thank you! I love her voice it's so beautiful. Next con we're gonna be more prepared and maybe cosplay.