August 26, 2012

Gyaru Secrets ಥ_ಥ

I'm pretty sure by now most of you gals have heard about this gyaru secrets community where you post pictures of your favorite or not so favorite gal and either bash them or compliment them. Lol I just wanna say, yes I do agree with most of the hateful things they say but sometimes they're wrong because some of the gals that are being bashed about are actually really good. Hahaaa. . .. . okay reason why I'm even talking about gyaru secrets is because I just recently found MY picture on it! And, uh it was no good hehe. I was rated as one of the "worst gaijin gyaru of the week." Yeah, I have a tumblr so I like posting some pictures of myself and tagging gaijin gyaru so that other gaijin gals can, you know, check me out and tell me how I'm doing. BUT YES, worst gaijin gyaru! Lol it was a bad picture anyways I have to admit XD But hey now! I'm not super rich and can't afford friggin thousands of pairs of colorful contact lenses to super size my eyes or you know waste money on wigs that I'm probably never gonna use unless for taking gyaru-like pictures. Also, what's the deal with gyaru's being fat or you know just a tad bit chubbier? Being gyaru is a style/ trend that makes and build a girl's confident and uniqueness. It lets you be you, MAN!! 

I'm not mad. I'm actually really happy I got to be on a gyaru secrets post! (>ω<c) Haha I know that's weird, yeah yeah. Making myself famous! Thank you you mean gaijin gyaru trolls!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~♡

Here's the picture[i crossed out their tumblr names but you guys might recognize them]:


  1. Gyaru_Secrets is always amusing but can be a little too harsh.
    (I've been posted there, and I'm not even Gyaru so I did EVERYTHING wrong? UH)

    I do hate the fat bashing there. Even in Japan you have "chubby" Gyaru. But they are still smaller than gaijin girls. They forget their beloved magazines are so heavily photoshopped.

    1. That's sad. Posting non-gyaru people ;3 sad sad. But yeah there's some chubby models in those gyaru magazines, just heavily photoshopped like you said.