February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day! + Weekend

For valentine's day my boyfriend took me out to this friggin nice restaurant! That's it .....

We celebrated on friday instead of sunday since he works valentine's day. A week before he was asking me about fondue and if I like it so through out the whole week I was thinking mhmm we going to the Melting Pot which is a fondue, underground looking restaurant in downtown Portland. So leading up to friday I was thinking "hehe I already know where you're secretly taking me!"

Friday comes and we heading out! We reach downtown and I'm already like yeah Melting Pot but then, we ended driving the opposite direction of the place!? I don't know what's going on now!

We have arrived at El Guacho! But before seeing the restaurant I thought okay sounds like some regular mexican restaurant.... and to my surprise it was one of the fancier places. Walking through the doors there's already a guy there waiting to open the door for you! Okay well not really because they were only valet dudes. Still fancy!! The inside was so dark! Now this place is one of them low lit fancy atmosphere restaurant that you see in like romantic movies. And there were bottles and bottles of wine lined up everywhere throughout the place. So lady at the desk gave us the option of the main floor which had tables like super close to each other and like I said dark or the back table where it was a bit lighter and quieter and of course we chose the back. Everyone dressed kind of nicer there and here I was in only like a sweater and jeans!
The restaurant is a three course meal so you get your starter/appetizer, main meal and dessert. There was a complimentary fruit/snack thing platter of an apple, orange and nuts and a slice of nasty blue cheese!!! I've never tried blue cheese before and oh my gawwwwwww it was disgusting! Tasted like cardboard and mold and just nasty! Back to the meal!
For starters we got the Wicked shrimp which is friggin heaven!!! I kid you not! All the shrimp I've had up until now was nothing compared to these shrimp! The meat is so damn thick and meaty and I just didn't want to stop chewing on it. And this plate is a bit spicy but it was so good!!
For main course I got me the febraury chef's special dish thingy and it was the pan mane lobster!! Cost like $50+ but oh my guuuuudnussss I could die happy eating this meal. It had a thing of rice and the lobster was cooked in a miso, lemony sauce if I remember right. The boyfriend got an 18 oz rib eye and we got a shared side of mashed potato lobster!! The mashed potato lobster was so good too!! I've been eating garbage compared to this.
And lastly for dessert I got an order of sorbet. Nothing special here. Good though.

El Guacho is located downtown Portland and it is a bit more on the expensive side.... look forward to spending like $175+ at the place! I also got a moscato. I forgot to say, there is a separate menu filled with pages of the different kind of wines they have.

On saturday I went out to see Deadpool!! Super funny even though there were some references and jokes I didn't quite understand. DEFINITELY not a kids movie!! I repeat not a kids movie and to the parents who brought their kids, you're a fucking piece of shit!! There was sex and boobies like full on nipples and Ryan Reynold's butt cheeks! But still a great action movie and the ending scene after the credit.
See you in the next post!