February 8, 2016

Inspired Japanese "Haafu" Look

I know this topic isn't anything new but I came by some screens of it while on tumblr and it inspired me to make this look. The japanese, half american look! This look is pretty much seen in a lot of Scawaii magazine and a few times back in the old gyaru mag days like vivi. But it's seen in alot of different types of magazines.

This look is supposed to give you the appearance of looking not only japanese or with asian features but also with a mix of a different race like german, american or hispanic, something foreign. But really, you just plain ol' japanese!

Major points in this look are the contact lens!! Make sure they are slightly lighter in color. Something like a 3 or 4 tone circle lens would do but no crazy colors like pink or purple. Stick to only green, brown and blue. Check my last blog post for an example of what kind of lens I'm talking about.

Another point is, lighter hair color! It doesn't only have to be blonde as long as it is not black!
  Makeup is pretty much up to you but the only thing you would definitely need are the lenses and the hair color.

Here is my video on how to get the look! You can watch here or head over to my youtube channel to watch there instead. There's really no difference where you watch it lol. (and yes i edited mah face in the thumbnail heheh)

See you in my next post!!
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